Vicar of the Rector Major visits Dimapur Province

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Vicar of the Rector Major visits Dimapur Province

- Fr. Santosh Mundu, sdb, IND

The Vicar of the Rector, Major Father Stefano Martoglio, embarked on his first visit to Dimapur Province on October 22. He was accompanied by his Secretary, Father A. Patrick Anthonyraj, and Father L. Joseph Teron, the Vice Provincial of Guwahati Province. The visit marked a significant chapter in the region's Salesian history.

Father Stefano Martoglio was warmly received by Father Jose Kuruvachira, the Provincial of Dimapur, Father Nazarius Lakra, the Vice Provincial, Father Benny James, the Economer and other members of the Provincial House.

Father Stefano Martoglio met the Salesian confreres gathered from different parts of the province in the evening. He was presented with a Naga shawl, a symbol of warm hospitality. Father Nazarius Lakra extended the words of welcome, and Father Provincial introduced Father Stefano and provided an overview of the province.

During his address to the confreres, Father Stefano expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to visit Dimapur Province. He deemed the visit significant in understanding the life of the Salesian Congregation in different parts of the world. The Vicar of the Rector Major lauded the charismatic identity lived by the confreres in Northeast India. He encouraged them to continue fostering their Salesian identity with a deep passion for Jesus Christ and unwavering commitment to Don Bosco's charism.

Father Stefano also shared the news of Rector Major Father Artime Angle Fernandez becoming a cardinal and highlighted the upcoming General Chapter. He then engaged in a lively and thought-provoking interaction with the confreres, shedding light on various aspects of vocation within the Congregation, the importance of fraternal communion, the challenges faced in missions in different parts of the Salesian world, and the need for collaborative efforts in forging ahead with new ideas and a charismatic vision.

During the goodnight talk, Father Stefano shared news and views from the European and African regions, discussed the establishment of new provinces, and urged everyone to pray for these endeavours. He commended the confreres for their commitment to inculturation and encouraged them to continue their faithful work in living up to their Salesian identity.

Father Stefano celebrated the Holy Eucharist at Salesian College Dimapur, home to brothers from the three northeastern provinces, on the following day. Before departing, he engaged in a conference with the confreres of Guwahati as part of the consultation process for the new provincial.

Father Stefano explored several Salesian institutions within Dimapur, including Bosco College of Teacher Education, Don Bosco Vocational Training Centre 3rd Mile, Don Bosco Higher Secondary School Dimapur and ANMA (Assam, Nagaland, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh) Integrated Development Association (AIDA). During his visit to AIDA, he released the Annual Report of AIDA, A Child survey report on Safe and unsafe places in Dimapur and Chumukedima districts and a book, A Collection of Success Stories from the Field, Vol.1, by Child-Friendly Initiative Dimapur. Father Stefano also visited the Little Flower Study House of the Missionary Sisters of Mary Help of Christians, the Mazzarello Study Home, and the Auxilium Convent of the Salesian Sisters of Don Bosco. He congratulated the Fathers and Sisters for their diverse Salesian works. He asked them to continue living the Salesian identity with renewed spirit, contributing to the growth of the Church in this part of the Salesian world.

The visit to Dimapur Province was a beacon of hope, an inspiration and a celebration of communion. It reaffirmed the commitment and spirit of the Salesian community in the region and inspired them to continue their mission with renewed vigour. 

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