Don Bosco Tech and RHI Magnesita(India) launch Skill Training

Don Bosco Tech and RHI Magnesita(India) launch Skill Training

30 September 2023
- Executive Director: Don Bosco Tech

Don Bosco Tech Society and RHI Magnesita India have launched the Youth Empowerment Programme to provide vocational skills to young individuals who are not engaged in education, employment, or training (NEET) and belong to disadvantaged backgrounds. The programme will also focus on empowering women in various professions, breaking down traditional barriers and providing them with equal opportunities.

The programme will train 720 students in six states: Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Jharkhand, Delhi, Odisha, and Chhattisgarh. It offers a comprehensive three-month curriculum incorporating classroom sessions, practical work, guest lectures, and industry visits. The programme also ensures the inclusion of women.

The inauguration was attended by Mr Sanjeev Bharadwaj, Head of Reporting and Tax Secretarial at RHI Magnesita India, who expressed his enthusiasm for the programme and stated that investing in the skill development of young individuals is an investment in the future of India. Aparna Kirpal, Head of Internal Audit, Risk & Compliance, shared her inspiring journey of perseverance and determination and encouraged students to utilise the platform to unleash their potential.

Don Bosco Tech Society has a strong track record of successful skill development initiatives, while RHI Magnesita India brings industry expertise to the table. Together, they are poised to make a significant impact on the lives of countless young individuals across India.


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