Don Bosco TVET Centres Annual National Convention Reconnects Past to Future for impact
Connecting .... Members at the Annual Convention

Don Bosco TVET Centres Annual National Convention Reconnects Past to Future for impact

- Executive Director: Don Bosco Tech

The 12th Annual National Convention of all Don Bosco Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) centres of India was held from February 3 to 5, 2023, at Don Bosco Skill Mission, Bangalore (Karnataka), with the theme, 'Let’s Reconnect' to revisit the origins of the network and closely look at the skilling memory lane with the idea of looking ahead to impact the lives of the needy youth in large numbers.

The Annual Convention was graced by Father Biju Michael, the Regional Councillor of South Asia, Father Davis MJ, the Provincial In charge and President of Don Bosco Tech Society, Father George Mathew, the Executive Director of Don Bosco Tech Society, Father Noble George, Asst. Director, Don Bosco Tech Society and Father Joseph Elavanal, Director, Don Bosco Skill Mission. The gathering saw a participation of about 100 members like the Technical Commission Heads, Principals and Directors of TVET centres from the 11 provinces in India with National and State team members of the Don Bosco Tech Society.

Father Davis MJ, welcoming the participants appreciated the synergy towards the goal of Skilling, Re-skilling and Upskilling youngsters. He said, “It is a great opportunity for all to gain insights from individual Provinces and revisit our priorities for future growth to fulfil the mission for the needy”. He wished that the objectives of the skill India mission were realised by going beyond the boundaries.

Father George Mathew shared the journey and achievements of the Don Bosco Tech Society. As the Organization moves towards achieving the milestone of 20 years by 2026, he hinted at where we are and where we ought to be. He said, “This Convention was organized to discuss the strategies to reach out to the needy youth leading to their employment. It was surely a matter of pride that the network has been directly able to train more than 430000 youth and provide employment to 70%”.

All the provinces had the opportunity to share experiences, ideas and plans, which were insightful and futuristic.

Four breakout groups discussed current and preferred scenarios relating to topics such as:

  • Aligning our TVET to the current policies of the skilling ecosystem of the country
  • Visibility of the TVET programme at local and state levels
  • Leveraging Linkages for better impact on youth
  • The idea of a network– as a lived experience.

Father Biju Michael concluded by appreciating the achievement directly to youth through skilling and employment, reminding that “As a Don Bosco Organization, we are not merely a Non- profit but an Organization with a difference, interested and committed to the well-being of youth to the full”. He made the participants aware that their real identity is to work for needy youth. Father Biju further said that we not only Walk the Talk but need to Talk the Walk to increase the visibility of the interventions of the young. He praised the achievement of the Provinces, ground-level beneficiaries and the national team of Don Bosco Tech in data management, training, certification and placement despite facing many struggles and difficulties. He told all present, the Salesians and the lay staff, to ‘Choose the poor, Employ the poor, Skill them to live well not just for work’. He also touched upon the need for having adequate data, proper certification for the youth and ensuring just employment opportunities for them.

Over the next two days, the Annual Convention delved deeper into the plan for skilling for tomorrow, compliance with the revised policies of the government and the possible new and innovative skilling initiatives.

The interactions and sharing of thoughts and dreams demonstrated the need and synergy of a network at the national level and a commitment to work together as one body towards better impact and possibilities for the youth.

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