International Seminar Explores Equity and Inclusivity in School Education
Distinguished guests, resource persons and research paper presenters of the seminar

International Seminar Explores Equity and Inclusivity in School Education

27 April 2024
- Fr. Santosh Mundu, sdb, IND

The Bosco College of Teacher Education and Salesian College of Higher Education, Dimapur, Nagaland, jointly organized a two-day International Seminar on “Equity and Inclusivity in School Education with Reference to NEP 2020” sponsored by the ICSSR New Delhi. The seminar held on 26th and 27th April, fostered discussions among educators, researchers, policymakers, and teacher trainees on crucial aspects of inclusivity and equity in line with the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020. There were over 40 research papers presented.  

The Principal of Bosco College of Teacher Education Dr. Fr. Jose Joseph Sabu extended a warm welcome to the invited guests and the attendees, emphasizing the significance of the seminar's theme in shaping the future of education. The inaugural address was delivered by Prof. Buno Liegise, Professor & Head, Dept. of Education, Nagaland University, Kohima Campus. She highlighted the importance of equity and inclusivity in education and its alignment with the objectives of NEP 2020. She further emphasised the need to help students to develop critical thinking and divergent thinking.

Professor (Dr.) Sr. Marion Mathew C.J, Professor and Dean,  Allahabad School of Education, Prayagraj (Allahabad) SHUATS, UP, delivered the keynote address centred on the theme " Harmony in Diversity: Crafting an Inclusive Tapestry of Education with NEP 2020." Dr. Sr. Marion Mathew offered a comprehensive overview of NEP 2020, giving attendees a broad perspective on its implications. Drawing from her wealth of experience in the field, she provided valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities associated with achieving equity and inclusivity in school education.

Dr. Esaya Britto Raphael, Head of the Teaching and Learning Unit at the English Language Institute, Jazan University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, led the plenary session via video conference as the international speaker. He shared insights on "Facilitating Skill Development and Best Practices in Classroom," stressing its relevance in the 21st century and advocating for equity and inclusivity in education. He explored the importance of flexible curriculum frameworks to accommodate diverse learning needs, citing his institute's "We Care Program" for students with special needs. This was followed by research paper presentations by various scholars and speakers.


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