Salesian Youth Movement brings joy and compassion to Rilang Children`s Home
SYM members: Harbingers of joy and compassion

Salesian Youth Movement brings joy and compassion to Rilang Children`s Home

25 February 2024
- Michael Makri SDB

In a heartening display of empathy and collaboration, the Rilang Children`s Home welcomed the members of the Salesian Youth Movement (SYM), marking a day filled with compassion and camaraderie on February 23.

Led by the dynamic Mr. Gaurav, a unit from St. Anthony's Hr. Secondary School, the SYM members were warmly received by Brother Ricky Kmenlang Mawlong at the Rilang Children's Home. Brother Ricky not only extended a gracious welcome but also introduced both the institution and the essence of the Salesian Youth Movement to the children.

The visit was characterized by acts of altruism and generosity as the SYM members engaged the children in praise and worship activities, creating an atmosphere of jubilation within the premises of the Rilang Children's Home. Furthermore, the SYM members made generous donations, brightening the day for the children.

In an inspirational address, Brother Ricky urged the members to cultivate a deep love for Don Bosco, emphasizing the transformative power of such devotion. The sense of familial belonging was evident as both members and children came together, fostering unity and solidarity. To nurture this spirit of camaraderie, a delightful session unfolded over tea resonating with the Salesian family ethos. This interaction not only brought joy to the children but also highlighted the profound impact of community and compassion in uplifting those in need.

The Rilang Children's Home expressed heartfelt gratitude to the Salesian Youth Movement for their compassionate visit, underscoring the importance of love, support, and shared humanity in creating a positive environment for all.

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