DBHEI Bangalore Province Hosts Faculty Development Programme on New Education Policy Implementation
Fr Dr Francis Karackatt, Principal of Don Bosco College Angadikadavu, addressing the gathering

DBHEI Bangalore Province Hosts Faculty Development Programme on New Education Policy Implementation

18 February 2024
- Bastin Nellissery (INK)

In anticipation of the transformative changes brought about by the New Education Policy (NEP), the Don Bosco Higher Education India (DBHEI) Bangalore Province organized a comprehensive one-day seminar. The event, titled "Four-Year UG Programme: Guidelines for Implementation," took place at the esteemed Don Bosco College Angadikadavu on February 17.

Attended by over 200 faculty members representing five institutes of higher education within the Bangalore Province in the state of Kerala, the seminar aimed to equip educators with insights and strategies crucial for effectively implementing the NEP.

Dr Shafeeque V, a distinguished Research Officer from the Kerala State Higher Education Reforms Implementation Cell in Trivandrum, served as the resource person for the program. Dr. Shafeeque delved into the foundational aspects of Kerala's Four-Year Under Graduate Programme (FYUGP) while providing invaluable guidance on the Pathways and Teaching, Learning, and Evaluation methodologies tailored for the new academic framework.

The event commenced with a warm welcome from Father Dr Bastin Nellissery, the Rector, Manager, and Head of the Journalism Department at Don Bosco College Angadikadavu. Father Dr Joy Ullattil, serving as the Delegate for Higher Education in the Bangalore Province, delivered an inspiring initiation talk, emphasizing the imperative nature of aligning educational practices with the principles outlined in the NEP. Father Dr Francis Karackatt, the Principal of Don Bosco College Angadikadavu, introduced Dr Shafeeque as the resource person, setting the stage for an enlightening exchange of ideas.

The seminar concluded with a note of gratitude extended by Father Dr Boby Kannezhath, underscoring the collective commitment towards fostering educational excellence in line with the visionary goals set forth by the NEP.

As India's academic landscape undergoes a profound transformation, initiatives such as the Faculty Development Programme orchestrated by DBHEI Bangalore Province serve as pivotal platforms for educators to navigate and embrace the evolving paradigms of higher education. With a shared dedication to innovation and excellence, institutions across the Bangalore Province are poised to chart a course towards a more inclusive, dynamic, and progressive educational ecosystem.

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