Vestiture ceremony: 30 Novices don cassock

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Vestiture ceremony: 30 Novices don cassock

7 May 2024
- Michael Makri sdb

In a religious ceremony at the Shrine of St. John Bosco Sohra Parish, 30 novices from the Shillong Province and Guwahati Provinces donned their cassocks on 5th May. The occasion was graced by Fr. John Zosiama (INS Provincia) during the Eucharist, accompanied by Fr. Januarius Sangma, the former Provincial of Guwahati Province, and Father Stephan Kharbani, the Parish priest of the Shrine, with Fathers from Don Bosco Sunnyside Novitiate.

Amidst the serenity of the shrine, Father John Zosiama delivered a poignant homily, emphasizing the essence of remaining in the love of God through obedience to His commandments. He articulated, "Jesus chooses us to share his love with others—it is not we who choose him, but he who chooses us. If we desire to bear fruit, we must abide in Jesus."

The ceremony, resonating with sacred solemnity, witnessed the participation of hundreds of faithful from the Shrine Parish, as well as the parents and relatives of the novices. The atmosphere was charged with reverence and joy as the novices, clad in their cassocks, embarked on their journey of devotion and service within the religious community.

The donning of the cassock holds profound significance within religious traditions, symbolizing humility, dedication and commitment to serve others. As the novices stepped forward in their cassocks, they embraced their roles with humility and purpose, inspired by the teachings of St. John Bosco and the unwavering guidance of their mentors.

The ceremony not only marked a significant milestone in the lives of the novices but also served as a testament to the enduring legacy of faith and service fostered within the Don Bosco community. As they embark on their spiritual journey, the newly attired novices carry with them the blessings and aspirations of the entire congregation, ready to embody the spirit of love, compassion, and selflessness in their service to God and humanity.

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