Stop Being a Recipient; Be an Influencer
BOSCOM Executive Council Members with Fr Savio Silveria (fourth from left) and Fr Harris Pakkam (third from right) in Bombay

Stop Being a Recipient; Be an Influencer

17 June 2024
- Bastin Nellissery (INK)

Addressing the BOSCOM Executive Council members at the Salesian Provincial House, Fr. Savio Silveira, the SPCSA Provincial In-charge of Social Communication and the Provincial of the Salesian Province of Bombay, urged members to transition from being mere recipients to active contributors. Fr. Silveira highlighted the significant legacy handed down by missionaries to the Indian region over the years, emphasizing the need for current members to build upon this foundation.

The Executive Council, consisting of communication delegates from various provinces, convened on June 16 at the Salesian Provincial House in Bombay. The meeting was chaired by Fr. Ernest Rosario, the South Asia delegate for Social Communication.

Fr. Silveira stressed that maturity involves moving from receiving to giving, and he called on the South Asia region to contribute to the congregation through media productions. He advocated for Salesians to be positive influencers on young minds and society at large through media education.

Before the Executive Council meeting, a workshop on Mobile Journalism (MoJo) was held on June 13 and 14 as a follow-up to Voices 2023. The workshop, titled “Voicing Out Through MoJo,” was attended by 25 participants, including Social Communication delegates and young people from the South Asian communication sector. Fr. Harris Pakkam, the Director of ANS, explained that this edition of Voices 2024 aimed to equip participants with skills and expertise in Mobile Journalism. He emphasized that MoJo offers a practical, immediate, and impactful way for Communication delegates to contribute to their provinces and the congregation, revolutionizing communication content.

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