Salesians of Guwahati Province celebrates Provincial Chapter
Passionate about Jesus Christ - Members of 22nd Provincial Chapter

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Salesians of Guwahati Province celebrates Provincial Chapter

10 April 2024
- Fr Charles Deepen Lakra SDB

The 22nd Provincial Chapter commenced with an official welcome address by Fr. Provincial Januarius S Sangma and a profound recollection talk by Dr. Br. Abraham Antony on 8th April, at Don Bosco Institute, Guwahati.

In his talk, Br. Abraham enthused and rekindled the need to be personally passionate about Christ to remain relevant in our times imbued with Christ-like qualities. He also affirmed that consecrated people cannot adopt worldly standards and principles of leadership. "If we are not in ‘stupore’ with Christ, we are finished," he said. To be passionate is to suffer like Christ, to love God above existential realities, to seize God "Carpe Deum," to be genuinely grateful for one’s religious calling, to be a disciple in love, to shed all egos and personal agendas, to be persons of integrity, to be flawless, to make the Word of God their home, and to encounter the newness of Christ in the young. After the talk, Blessed Sacrament was exposed for personal adoration during which the confreres made their confessions, thereby expressing their sincere interest in starting the Chapter well.

After the adoration, the seven Octogenarian Salesian veterans, who contributed significantly to the growth of the Salesian mission in the Northeast, were rightfully and fittingly felicitated and honoured by Fr. Provincial and Fr Johnson Parackal SDB, who, on behalf of the confreres, read out the achievements and contributions of each one of them. The DBI youth presented a congratulatory song. Referring to the Octogenarians, Fr. Provincial said, "We are sitting on the shoulders of giants." Archbishop emeritus Thomas Menamparampil also reiterated the same sentiment speaking on behalf of the Octogenarians. He also added, “We inherited the missionary spirit of the pioneering missionaries and did our little." He affirmed that today there are younger generations of missionary-minded Salesians who are doing greater missionary work than them.

On 9th April, Archbishop John Moolachira of Guwahati celebrated the Holy Eucharist and delivered a poignant homily, exhorting the Chapter members to be filled with the Holy Spirit and to burn with zeal for carrying out God's work. Later in the morning, the 22nd Provincial Chapter was officially inaugurated in the presence of esteemed guests representing the various congregations/associations of the Salesian Family, which included FMA, MSMHC, VSDB, SMI, Salesian Cooperators, Past pupils, ADMA, and youth leaders of the SYM at DBI. Each of the invited guests gave their valuable messages pertaining to the theme of the Chapter, "Passionate about Jesus Christ, dedicated to the Young People: Living our Salesian Vocation faithfully and prophetically." The DBI youth sang a song by Rabindranath Tagore entitled “I have come to Thee, to take Thy touch before I begin my day,” which sounded meaningful and apt to start the Chapter.

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