Resource Book in Catechetics Released

Resource Book in Catechetics Released

11 June 2024
- Bastin Nellissery (INK)

The book, “Readings in Catechetics” by Fr. Gilbert Choondal SDB, was released by Cardinal Filip Neri, the president of CCBI at CCBI office in Goa on 11th June.

The book is the result of 30 years of the author's work as a priest through his literary contributions, which have found expression in journals, magazines, and select publications, academic symposiums and research seminars, serving as a conduit for dialogue amidst the ever-evolving context of the Church and society. This book is an attempt to synthesise these writings, meticulously curated to offer thematic resonance and enduring relevance to the field of catechetics.

It contains 15 sections, 73 articles in 634 pages with a foreword from the Pro-Prefect of the Dicastery of Evangelisation, Archbishop Salvatore Fisichella. He considers the book as timely yet timeless contribution to the Church. “In the pages that follow, readers will discover a treasure trove of wisdom gleaned from a lifetime of service to the Gospel. Drawing upon the richness of Scripture, tradition and human experience, the author invites us to embark on a journey of faith that is at once profound and practical, timeless yet timely. These readings resonate with the echoes of generations past and beckon us towards a future brimming with hope and possibility. The author’s insights into the future of catechetics in the context of synodality, ecology, post-pandemic realities, and shifting family dynamics offer a beacon of hope and guidance for all who labour in the vineyard of catechetical ministry”, said the Archbishop.

According to the author, this volume is his Catechetics of the Catholic Church as mentioned in the acknowledgement of the book. The book essentially addresses fundamental catechetical inquiries. It encompasses his perspective on the five W’s and one H (what, whom/when, where, who, why, and how of catechetics) within the context of the Catechetical Scenario. It is a resource book for all those who are engaged in academic and ground zero level of catechetical scenario.

The book is published by Asian Trading Corporation and printed by  Brilliant Printers. Mr. Nigel, CEO of ATC, Mr. Anil of Brilliant Printers and 45 catechetical directors from India and Sri Lanka were present during the release of the book.

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