World Music Day Celebrations rock the floor at DB Kochi
OTK band on stage!

World Music Day Celebrations rock the floor at DB Kochi

24 June 2024
- Bastin Nellissery (INK)

The atmosphere at Don Bosco Music Academy, Vennala, Kochi, was electrifying as the young talents rocked the floor, celebrating World Music Day. The event, which took place on June 21, saw an enthusiastic crowd amazed by the performances of the academy's students.

The celebration kicked off with an inauguration by the renowned cine artist and model, Asha Aravind. In her speech, she commended the academy for its dedication to nurturing young artists and presented certificates to the Trinity College London grade holders. Fr. K D Varghese, the Rector of the institute, extended a warm welcome to the attendees and honored the tutors with mementos, acknowledging their invaluable contributions to the academy.

With over 400 registered members mastering various instruments, Don Bosco Music Academy showcased a spectacular array of performances. The academy's band, MOVE (Music Overcomes Violence and Extrusion), delivered flawless renditions of several songs, leaving the audience in awe. However, the highlight of the event was the stunning performance by OTK, a band consisting of four academy members.

OTK's youngest guitarist, 10-year-old Rohan Krishna, captivated the audience with his impressive skills on the fretboard. He was joined by Dev Gaandharv, 17, who mesmerized everyone on the keyboard, 13-year-old Tara Shyam who kept perfect rhythm on the drums, and the band’s nightingale, 15-year-old Nivah Anna Jobin, whose vocals were nothing short of enchanting. Their performance ensured that the audience was engaged and entertained, making it a memorable evening for all.

Fr. Jubin Ayila sdb, the Director of the Music and Fine Arts Academy, expressed his gratitude to the large gathering. He remarked that the attendees were there not just to hear the music but to feel it, highlighting the deep connection the performances fostered between the artists and the audience.

The World Music Day celebrations at Don Bosco Music Academy were a resounding success, showcasing the incredible talent and passion of the young artists, and leaving a lasting impression on everyone present.




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