Mega Youth gathering at Don Bosco, Hospet
Hospet, Karnataka
Youth Towards a Holistic Growth

Mega Youth gathering at Don Bosco, Hospet

2 May 2024
- BIS Correspondent

The Don Bosco Youth Services in Karnataka marked a significant milestone with the successful organization of a mega youth meet at Don Bosco, Hospet, on the 27th and 28th of April. Under the proficient leadership of Fr. K.O. Varghese, the youth ministry delegate of the Province of Bangalore, with Fr. Uday Kumar, the regional youth director of Karnataka, and five zonal directors — Fr. Regi, Fr. K.C. Mathew, Fr. Aloysius, Fr. Dominic Savio, and Fr. Siju — the event saw a remarkable gathering. Themed “Samanvaya: Youth towards a Holistic Growth,” the meet aimed to foster an environment conducive to the overall development of the youth, attracting nearly 250 participants from across Karnataka.

The youth meet at Don Bosco, Hospet, not only provided a platform for young individuals to come together, share experiences, and learn from one another but also helped in creating lasting memories. As the participants returned to their communities, they carried with them not just the joy of new friendships and learning but also the motivation to contribute actively to their society.

The two-day event was packed with various sessions designed to engage, inspire, and empower the youth. The presence of many Salesian fathers, sisters, and brothers added a significant boost, encouraging active participation among the attendees. The inauguration by Fr. Shalbin, the Vice Provincial, set a positive tone for the meet, while the concluding ceremony was graced by the presence of Most Rev. Henry D’Souza, Bishop of Bellary, and Fr. Jose Koyickal, the Provincial, both of whom addressed the youth, imparting words of wisdom and encouragement.

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