Manual for First Holy Communion released in Mumbai
Releasing of the Manual for the First Holy Communion by Fr Savio Silvera sdb, Provincial of Mumbai with Fr Gilbert Choondal and Ms Lucy.

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Manual for First Holy Communion released in Mumbai

21 February 2024
- Bastin Nellissery (INK)
The Provincial of Mumbai Province, Father Savio Silvera SDB, released the 
Manual for the First Holy Communion, authored by Father Gilbert Choondal SDB, at the 27th Indian Catechetical Association Meet hosted at Don Bosco, Matunga on February 21. Amidst 45 Catechetical Scholars from India, Father Savio presented a copy to Ms Lucy, a catechist actively involved in First Communion Catechesis in the Archdiocese of Bombay.

Before the book launch, author Father Choondal introduced the book, emphasizing that it stemmed from his experience with first communion catechesis in the Parish, where the focus was primarily on teaching prayers. Recognizing the need for a comprehensive guide, he developed the book to assist catechists and parents in teaching effectively during the first communion catechesis. 

The Manual, in addition to the traditional first holy communion books, provides insight into the meaning of prayers, teaching children how to pray and meditate, suggesting activities and projects, conducting practical sessions on the sacraments, and offering content for sessions involving parents of the candidates.

Father Choondal described it as a “360-degree Plan for the First Holy Communion with a follow-up plan for Post-Communion Catechesis.” The book is available for purchase through Asian Trading Corporation.

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