Alumnus Releases Spirit of Excellence - Master Class Workbook
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Alumnus Releases Spirit of Excellence - Master Class Workbook

15 April 2024
- Fr. C.M. Paul SDB

Alumnus of Salesian Institute of Graphic Arts Chennai, Dr. Dominic F Dixon, handed over a copy of his latest book “Spirit of Excellence” to Dr C.J. Mathew, the Vice Rector of Salesian study house of Philosophy at Sonada, Darjeeling on 14th April. Result of a two-month sabbatical, author of the book Dr. Dominic F Dixon is Executive Director of United Nations Association for Development And Peace (UNADAP) and International Diplomatic Alliance (IDA).

Dr. Dixon said, “The "Spirit of Excellence" Masterclass is a seven-week online program for leadership and governance designed for individuals seeking to navigate the complexities of today's world with faith and integrity.”

“Spirit of Excellence unveils the divine blueprint for purposeful living through Biblical characters,” explained Dr. Dixon.

Each of the seven chapters of the 75-page book explores the timeless principles of excellence laid out in the lives of Daniel, Moses, Joseph, Paul, Mother Mary, Solomon and Easter.

The Saturday Masterclass is presented in venture with UNADAP and International Diplomatic Alliance from 20th April to 1st June 2024 from 12 noon to 1.30 pm IST.

Accredited with The United Nations Office at Vienna, the United Nations Office at Geneva and the United Nations Headquarters in New York, Dr. Dixon is author of ten books including “CLIMATE CHANGED: Global Warming to Global Boiling”.

Dr Dixon is distinguished as a World-Leading Foreign Policy, Climate Change and Renewable Energy Authority, with an unparalleled legacy of 18 years in the vanguard of international transformation and international relations.

His illustrious academic journey encompasses Core Diplomatic Practice under the United Nations in Vienna and Geneva, an MBA, Justice at Harvard, Ethics at Oxford, International Law at Université Catholique de Louvain and a doctorate in Psychology.

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