Alumni care for 33,000 rickets children

Alumni care for 33,000 rickets children

18 March 2024
- Fr C.M. Paul SDB

A group of volunteers, led by Salesian College Sonada alumnus Fr Jose Chunkapura, organized a free medical camp for 3,000 rickets affected children at the Center for Caring for Disabled Children on 3rd March.

The center, a social outreach program of Sacred Heart Theological College at Mawlai, Shillong, organized the camp and was assisted by a team of doctors, nurses, students and volunteers. Rickets caused by malnutrition due to poverty, ignorance and poor eating habits, affect the entire bone structure of children and leads to a variety of deformities like bow-legs, knock knees, twisted ankles, and soft skull.

Founded in 1989 by Calcutta Salesian Dr. Chunkapura of 1972 Sonada batch, the center has treated some 33,000 rickets children. Many are fully healed, others partially, and some unfortunately abandoned treatment for various reasons.

Over past 35 years, the project had the visionary and effective leadership of other Sonada alumni - Fathers George Kottuppallil, Shaji Puykunnel, Mathew George Kariapuram and Jude Sebastian Kuthukatt.

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