Salesian Communication Centres engage in media training, and production, to and with the young transforming the society.



The Social Communication Commission, BOSCOM, South Asia, co-ordinator of inter-provincial communication activities of the region, founded in 1993 on the premise - ‘the truth shall make you free’ - promotes, collaborates, plans, studies and researches the sectors of animation, formation, information, business enterprise, cultural and artistic patrimony within the South Asian context.

After the Special General Chapter of 1971-72 and upon the promulgation of the 1984 edition of the Constitutions, social communication was presented as "one of the apostolic priorities of the Salesian mission”. BOSCOM analyses Salesian communications in the South Asian context, focussing on the repercussions over and beyond the works, while networking across all the sectors and services. It has created a robust communications ecosystem, that is stable, flexible and effective, catering to the Salesians of Don Bosco while engaging with the voices of the young, accompanying them in the digital age. Of noteworthy significance is that BOSCOM published a handbook "Shepherds for an Information Age", for the formation of Salesians in Social Communications, and followed that up with the publication of "Communication for Pastoral Leadership” for the seminaries of India at the request of the Catholic Bishops Conference of India.


With nearly 20 Salesian publishing houses in the region, Salesian Communication Centres engage in media training, and production, to and with the young. These centres have produced films, documentaries, music and software to promote gospel values. Each Province in the region publishes a newsletter which constitutes a "forum for an exchange of views and other topics of general information for the common interest of the province”.

The Salesian Bulletin is a magazine published in English and five vernacular editions viz. Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Sinhala in the South Asian Region on behalf of the Rector Major. Marian and Youth Magazines are also published regularly. Salesian colleges also offer a Bachelor's degree and Masters courses in the field of Mass Media.


Bosco Information Service (BIS) is a service that has been set up with the approval of the Salesian Provincial Conference of South Asia for the management of Salesian information in India/ South Asia region. The Regional Delegate for Social Communication, BOSCOM is the Editor-in-Chief of this website. He coordinates with BIS correspondents across the region and gathers information/stories of young people from various centres, process them and disseminate them to the rest of the Salesian world.

The World Salesian Info Agency, ANS - “Agenzia iNfo Salesiana” the communication agency of the Salesian Congregation, is an online near daily publication that continues to publish stories relevant at the international level.


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