Educating the young is our goal and not merely running schools.


The presence of Don Bosco schools all over the world, associated with excellence and the holistic development of the vulnerable young, is one of the most consistent, significant and widespread moves in the field of education.

Today, with nearly 300 schools in India after the first Don Bosco Night School was started in Thanjavur in 1912 and the first formal school in Guwahati in 1936, we have come a long way in educating the young - chiefly the poorest and the needy.

Don Bosco Institutions provide students with an opportunity to become good, honest and responsible citizens ready to lead, serve and transform society through the three foundation pillars of 'Reason, Religion and Loving kindness'. The system of education that emerged from these principles of Don Bosco is popularly known as the Preventive System and is followed in all our Don Bosco Institutions.

Don Bosco is a registered trademark in India. Under registration number 1407313 the relevant Indian Office acknowledged that the trademark DON BOSCO is the property of the Salesians of India (ALL INDIA DON BOSCO EDUCATION SOCIETY), the department co-ordinated by the Don Bosco Youth Animation services of South Asia.

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