The Salesian Society encourages members to go back to their roots by focusing all their activity on the poor and abandoned young people and those who have major difficulties: “The world will always welcome us with pleasure, while we are directing our care at the poorest children who are intimidated by the society. This is our true wealth and no one will take it away from us” (Cf. General Chapter 27).


The Province Planning and Development Office (PDO) is an essential instrument for a qualitative Salesian mission, helping the Leadership to answer social development challenges encountered in their jurisdiction, qualitatively and efficiently towards sustainable development. The Provincial and the Economer are respectively, Chairman and the President and the Director of the PDO is appointed as the Executive Director. Each Provincial Planning Development Office operates separately and networks with the central office of BOSCONET - Don Bosco Network South Asia (DBN) which looks into Resource Development and Advocacy for the Don Bosco Mission in South Asia.

Don Bosco Network (DBN) strives towards the creation of a just and equitable society, where there is respect towards human rights and human values; a society where poor and marginalized communities are enabled to become self-reliant, self- sustaining & empowered to take care of their own development by integrating the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The Don Bosco Development Programme focuses on four flagship programmes: 1. Empowering the Young at Risk 2. Skilling for a Sustainable Livelihood 3. Empowering Women and communities 4. Don Bosco Green Alliance.

The members of the Don Bosco Network (DBN) undertake and promote the flagship programmes with PAN India partnership, with constant efforts in a holistic perspective (community, family, government, civil society). Through participative strategic planning by research, analysis and an identification process leading to better planning, implementation, monitoring and reassessment DBN promotes activities for the poor young by offering quality education and life skills for the young.

The Don Bosco Development Programme encourages donor agencies to partner with the aims of the Don Bosco Mission. It has various levels and dimensions of accountability for their own governance structure and procedures, and abides by Government rules and regulations. The Salesian Provinces in South Asia have their Development Offices in their respective Provinces. All of them are members of the Bosconet - Don Bosco Network South Asia.

Don Bosco PDO Centers